Foundry Division

The principal owner of D&S Machine Service also owns and operates Kenosha Steel Castings, a full service steel foundry producing castings up to 10,000 lbs. in weight and flasks up to 10 ft. square. Alloys poured range from plain carbon steel to high grade steel and up to 150,000 – 165,000 psi tensile and yield strengths respectively. Custom designed alloys and heat treatments can be designed to meet special requirements.

Kenosha Steel Castings has full service capabilities including: pattern construction and rigging, molding in green sand or sodium silicate, core making in baked oil sand or sodium silicate and Phenolic Urethane no-bake, complete cleaning and finishing facilities, normalizing, annealing, stress relieving or quench and temper heat treating, inspection and painting.

Kenosha Steel Castings supplies castings for a wide range of industries in various sized parts.

Parts produced include gears, sheaves, pinions, bearings, bushings, slips/clamp assemblies, ball joints and crusher components.

We offer on-site spectrographic chemical analysis, magnetic particle inspection, Brinell hardness testing and dimensional verification.

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