With more than a hundred years combined machining, fabrication and engineering experience, our heavy metal fabrication, diverse CNC machines and value-added products provide service to a unique customer base.

Our first commitment is to the quality of our parts/services and therefore, the satisfaction of our customers.

Take advantage of a single manufactured component or large multi-component assemblies.

CNC / Manual Boring Bars

  • Travels up to 60′ of “X” and 157′ of “Y”

CNC Horizontal & Vertical Turning

  • 32″ swing and 120″ centers
  • VTL swings up to 93″ diameter

CNC Vertical & Horizontal Milling & Machining

  • Specializes in large part machining
  • Precision tight tolerance

Secondary Operations

  • Hone, Paint & Turnkey Assembly
  • Component Assembly & Delivery

ASME Certified Stamp Holder

  • “U” Pressure Vessels
  • “S” Power Boilers
  • “R” Repairs & Alterations