We are an ISO-certified original equipment manufacturer with over 100 years of machining, fabrication and engineering experience.

Our heavy metal fab department, the variety of CNC machines on our manufacturing floor and our value-added products provide one-of-a-kind service to a unique customer base.

Our primary commitment is to the quality of our parts and service, ensuring our customers satisfaction.

Take advantage of a single manufactured component or large multi-component assemblies.

For a formal quote or for information not found on the site, contact us.

CNC / Manual Boring Bars

  • Travels up to 60′ of “X” and 157′ of “Y”

CNC Horizontal & Vertical Turning

  • 32″ swing and 120″ centers
  • VTL swings up to 93″ diameter

CNC Vertical & Horizontal Milling & Machining

  • Specialize in large part machining
  • Precision, tight tolerances

Secondary Operations

  • Hone, Paint & Turnkey Assembly
  • Component Assembly & Delivery

ASME Certified Stamp Holder

  • “U” Pressure Vessels
  • “S” Power Boilers
  • “R” Repairs & Alterations