CNC / Manual Boring Bars

As a versatile job shop, we handle both CNC and Manual Boring Bar operations producing components to extremely tight tolerances.

While our CNC boring bars are ideal for heavy duty, close tolerance operations; our manual bars are just as accurate and better suited for lower volume projects.

We accurately mill surfaces, bore holes, drill and tap, or cut large cavities in work pieces weighing up to 20 tons on our CNC boring bars.

TOS WHQ 13 is the largest table type boring mill.

Our Toshiba BTD-200QH boring bars, equipped with probes and a full “B” pallet system, enable us to cost effectively run production parts with a positioning accuracy of +1/-.0003 mm.

For continuous 4-axis machining operations, we make use of our BP-130R and BTD-110.R16 CNC boring bars with probes and full rotary tables.


Equipment Specifications | Capabilities


Equipment Specifications

CNC Boring Bars


CNC Max:  196.85″

Manual Boring Bars


Manual Max:   X:  160″   Y:   66″



Primary Functions Drilling
Materials Used Aluminum 
Cast Iron
Stainless Steel
Machined Parts Break Discs
Energy Field Parts
Heavy-Equipment Parts
Pump Housings
Industry Focus Construction Equipment
Secondary Operations Coating
Heat Treating
Internal Keyways
Surface Grinding
Manual Turning
Plasma Cutting
Other Services Part Assembly
Engineering Services
Quality Inspection
Value Added Services Assigned Project Manager
Computerized Tracking System
Value Analysis Engineering
Complete turnkey Fabrication, Machining & Assembly
Quality Inspection
Nationwide Shipping Service
Value Added Service Machinery Carlton 6′ x 19″ Radial Arm Drill Press-Heavy Duty
36″ dia. Rotary Table Blanchard Grinder.
Micromatic 24″ dia. X 144″ stroke Hone
(3) Manual vertical turret mills
15″ x 60″ engine lathe
98″ x 98″ x 120″ Preheat Oven
48″ x 48″ x 144″ Preheat Oven
60″ x 60″ x 30″ Stress Relieve Oven
Zoller Smile 800 Tool Presetter
Quality Control Equipment Brown & Sharp MICRO-HITE 24″ Electronic Height Gauge
Dial Bore Gauges to 32″ diameter
Giddings & Lewis CMM: 22″ x 35″ x 16″
Granite Inspection Tables: 50″ x 120″ and 36″ x 60″
Leica Absolute Tracker 901 MR CMM, accurate to 36 ft radius
Platinum FARO Arm CMM, 8 ft and portable
Precision OD & ID measure equipment to 80″
Romer Absolute Arm CMM, 9 ft and portable
Quality Control Process Entered into the computerized tracking system
Verified for revisions, material availability and routing
Project Manager review of the routing schedule
Returned to purchasing for order processing
Production Volume We can produce prototype and one-off runs to high volume production numbers. However, our niche remains in low volume, large part machining.
Lead Times 4 weeks, typically
Part Size Capability We specialize in large machining. Seven of our work bays have 20 T crane possibilities.
Technology AutoCad 2012
Mastercam programming with direct control link
Computer system networked to all manufacturing phases


We are able to transfer documents and files via E-mail, including quotes, drawings, photos, spread sheets, CAD files, etc…

Acceptable Drawing Formats .igs/.iges
Solid Edge
DXF – Drawing Interchange Format or Drawing Exchange Format
STEP – Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
Lifting Capacity (2) 10 Ton Overhead Cranes
(2) 15 Ton Cranes
(4) 20 Ton Cranes
(40) 1 Ton Jib Cranes Tied to All Building Columns  
Standards Met AWS-D1 1 – 92 Certified Flux Core & SMAW ASME-Sec. 9-FCAW & SMAW & Stainless FCAW
Welder qualified to Mil. Std 248-D
CNC Boring Bars TOS WHQ 13
Heid TS Inferred Probe
Maximum Workpiece Weight: 20 T
Table Size: 70.86″ x 98.42″
X-travel: 196.85″, Y-travel: 118.11″, Z-travel: 78.75″

Toshiba BP-130R.22
Full “B” With Probe
Table Size: 70.8″ X 86.6″
X-travel: 160″, Y-travel: 100″, Z-travel: 60″

Toshiba BP-150.R22 CNC r
Full “B” with Probe
Table Size: 71″ x 86″
X-travel: 160″, Y-travel: 120″, Z-travel: 60″

(2) Toshiba BTD-200QH
Full “B” Pallet System with Probe
Two 40″ x 48″ Tables
X-travel: 59.1″, Y-travel: 47.2″, Z-travel: 27.6″

Toshiba BTD-110.R16
Full “B” Probe
Table Size: 55.1″ x 63″
X-travel: 78.7″, Y-travel: 59.1″, Z-travel: 57.1″

(2) TOS WHQ 13 CNC
Table Size: 70.8 x 86.6″
X-travel: 137.8″, Y-travel: 98.4″, Z-travel: 49.21″

Manual Boring Bars SCHARMANN Dekamat WF 100
Fixed Table: 50″ x 144″
Two 60″ x 80″ Rotary Tables
X-travel: 160″, Y-travel: 60″, Z-travel: 80″

Summit BH110
Table Size: 55″ x 60″
X-travel: 75″, Y-travel: 66″, Z-travel: 52″

Wotan B130S
Rotary Table: 59.75″ x 66.75″
X-travel: 76″, Y-travel: 65″, Z-travel: 60″

Wotan B105M
Table Size: 55″ x 72″
X-travel: 78″, Y-travel: 65″, Z-travel: 50″